What Can I Do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing?

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Bachelor's Degree in Marketing


Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing – The wide nature of bachelor’s degree programs in advertising gives pupils various career options after graduation. Read on to learn about career opportunities in this field, and inspect the salary possible for every position.

Digital marketing teams are responsible for creating marketing campaigns using digital tools, including e-mail, sites, text messages and more. Marketing majors that are interested in emerging digital technology and social media may choose to work in electronic marketing. Organizations look to electronic marketers to use blogs, online videos and the like to increase traffic and entice customers.

Those who hold a bachelor’s degree might initially work as an electronic marketing pro, but advancement to a marketing manager position is possible with experience. As of September 2015, PayScale.com reported that online marketing specialists earned a median yearly salary of $46,934, while the median wage for digital marketing and advertising managers was $63,752 each year.

The University of Akron’s Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing, www.uakron.edu, reports which advertising departments in advertising agencies and several other businesses employ direct marketers. Direct marketers sell goods to a target set of customers using direct strategies, including mailing catalogs and coupons and making phone calls. The goal of direct advertising is to get customers to respond and respond to your campaign. Professionals in this branch of marketing must understand consumer behavior and be able to guide services and products so.

PayScale.com recorded a salary range for most direct marketing and advertising supervisors of39,104 – $99,329 per year in September 2015. The median yearly income for these professionals at that time was63,578, according to the site.

Marketing copywriters compose the messages used in advertisements, newsletters and much more to inspire customers to purchase a service or product. Copywriters can operate on a marketing team or on an independent basis to create the strategic and innovative copy.

Individuals who can think fast while multitasking and maintaining a new image in mind may be especially suited to this career. September 2015 info from PayScale.com indicated a median annual wage of $44,844 for marketing copywriters, together with the vast majority earning between $33,253 and $70,132.

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