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Candy Store Franchise

Candy Store Franchise – For over 40 decades, the Strickland family of Savannah, Georgia has made the south interchangeable with handmade Southern Sweets. By World Famous Pralines, saltwater taffy, hand stretched peanut brittle to homemade pecan pies, our made-from-scratch southern delicacies have been famous worldwide. Founded in 1973 on Savannah’s historic palaces, River Street Sweets is the town’s oldest candy shop, now operated by siblings Jennifer and Tim Strickland. Just down the road, their father “Stan the Chocolate Man” Strickland operates Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, the greatest candy store in the south since 1990. Clients love the nostalgic experience of seeing the candy manufacturers hand dip pralines onto giant marble slabs, stir glazed pecans in huge copper kettles; and see that the 100-year-old saltwater taffy machine in action.

After numerous requests, the Strickland family united their efforts to give the best of both candies firms under the unified brand River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. They now share their candy producing traditions by offering franchise opportunities in future locations. River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, is a unique opportunity to be part of one of America’s greatest and most successful candy brands, a Southern convention in the heart of Savannah. It’s not merely a business chance, but a chance to talk about in a lifestyle that is both entertaining and family oriented. Life is Sweet!

In River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, our fun and friendly candy kitchen retail store franchising company is part of a $35 billion business. So you can definitely make a living while feeling like a kid in a candy shop!

When you join our family by opening a candy franchise company, we will explain to you how to create our gourmet southern candies by hand in your very own old-fashioned candy surroundings, which is intended to work in a wide assortment of settings and markets.

With our candy kitchen store franchising concept, you are going to be able to provide an interactive candies experience for happy guests from all walks of life. River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen also offers email and online ordering services to our customers.

The projected initial investment scope for a single candy store start-up location is between $396,800 and $771,000. This sum includes an initial franchise fee of $40,000, which may be discounted for qualified military specialists.

Franchisees are required to pay royalties at a rate of 5% of gross earnings for the previous week. Franchisees also pay a monthly technology cost of $300. These exemptions and fees enable us to finance our ongoing support services along with the continuing development of solutions and merchandise selections, as well as marketing programs, training programs and systems updates.

Franchisees also contribute a method promoting fee of around 2 percent of gross sales for the previous week. Collected funds are utilized to create marketing strategies that encourage the River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen manufacturer. Your participation will also finance the creative costs to come up with local franchise marketing materials and efforts.

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