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Color Me Mine Franchise

Color Me Mine Franchise – There are over 100 studios available in the USA, United Kingdom, Singapore, Portugal, Netherlands, Philippines, Kuwait and Australia, and a Lot More in development. The rest of the studios are owned and operated by franchise owners. Thus we’ve got no additional priority than the aid of our franchise owners.

With an original investment of $97,500 to $185,000, Color Me Mine’s unique theory offers the franchisee a company which needs low startup funds, is enjoyable to operate, is difficult to compete against, and that makes a worthwhile contribution to your community. Even after factoring in the 5% royalty and 1% national advertising fund donation, Color Me Mine franchise owners enjoy a much lower cost of goods sold and lower studio operating expenses compared to separate studio operator’s average.Whether you’re 5, 25, 55, or 105, we can help bring out the artist in you

We also have a design computer with a large number of layouts that you may trace or transfer. There’s also a very helpful staff to help and instruct one of our many easy methods that will make anyone look like they’re a artist. We’ve got over 400 different pieces to paint in ten distinct categories from Kid’s into Dinnerware, Garden/Pets to Interior Decor.

Our paints are non-toxic, lead free, and therefore are food-safe. They are dishwasher safe as well, even though the mermaids whine that dishwashing detergent bleaches their hair. Prices range from $6.00 to $50.00. There’s also a painting fee of $9-$10 depending on the studio ($6 for kids.) Some studios will charge $6 per hour always have special flat rate occasions.

Color Me Mine highlights the education and hands on training of every one of its franchise owners. CMM’s Studio Operator Certification Program is scheduled many times per year. Classes typically start on Monday of the first week at 9 a.m., continue throughout the weekend, and conclude on Thursday of the second week in 6 pm All owners or supervisors may attend no limitation to the number of individuals per studio. It is crucial that you devote time throughout the training period so that you stay focused and careful as we teach you design techniques, marketing programs, technical skills, management, problem solving and customer service. We encourage you to find lodging close to the Home Office and to lease a vehicle.

Each class functions as a tool for building studio knowledge and in turn building earnings. You will be analyzed on each segment as you proceed through the course, and your evaluations will be reviewed promptly to determine the speed where your training continues.

After receiving your CMM Studio Operator Certification, then you’re all set to begin the adventure of running your own studio.

Color Me Mine is fully dedicated to supporting its franchise owners.

  • Real Estate Evaluation using a computer generated site score version.
  • Financing Referral for an SBA loan or traditional loan.
  • Construction Assist, including plan evaluation, bidding and continuing support throughout construction period.
  • Comprehensive Hands-On Coaching for fourteen days, both in-studio and classroom, by top notch professionals.
  • Introduction Assist by a business representative on-site for as much as a week when you start.
  • Operations Support with state-of-the-art computerized operating systems and completely detailed manuals.
  • Product Distribution facilitated by a direct link point-of-sale system to track inventory and purchase product.
  • Marketing Support with an online advertising system and franchise resource center with programs to support you.
  • Information Services with proprietary point-of-sale software, systems and internal control reports.
  • Ongoing Support for all phases of your operation, including a technical support desk and franchise liaison.
  • Research and Development to continuously assess new products, services and techniques to build studio sales and lower costs.
  • Annual and Regional Meetingsfor strategic planning and input from franchise owners.
  • Franchisee Website Intranet online Service with indexed technical support, message board for communicating within the Color Me Mine network.
  • Ongoing Education through rollout instruction manuals, regional seminars, videos, work groups, and online “Tech Support Center”.

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