Coverall Franchise Reviews, Cost and Fee

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Coverall Franchise Reviews

Coverall Franchise Reviews – Coverall North America, Inc. is the franchisor. The franchisor sells and offers franchises in the industrial janitorial cleaning market. The franchisee will operate a commercial janitorial cleaning business utilizing the franchisor’s health-based cleaning program. The franchisor sells and offers three kinds of franchises at the industrial janitorial cleaning market. The 3 kinds of franchises are Janitorial Franchises, Service Franchises, also called Master Franchises, and Territory Franchises.

Coverall’s current preliminary training program is compulsory for the person(s) who signs the Franchise Agreement or any designees approved by the franchisor in writing, and also for transferees of the franchise. The training program is conducted at one of Coverall’s Service Centers or other designated center and/or an existing client buildings, typically within commuting distance of the franchisee’s home. The 40+ hour training program includes classroom and onsite education on, among other matters, cleaning processes, client service, and business management basics. It might take up to 8 weeks to complete the training plan. The franchisee’s involvement in non-mandatory additional seminars and training is strongly recommended. Additionally, the franchise can request additional schooling by phone or personal consultation at no extra price.

Because of the nature of the franchised business, franchisees won’t obtain an exclusive territory or exclusive territory rights. Franchisees may face competition from other Coverall franchisees. Coverall is unable to state the precise number of miles which the franchise might need to travel to a customer. Nonetheless, in the ordinary course of business, Coverall jobs to offer the franchisee clients no longer than a 30-mile radius from the franchise enterprise.

He span of the franchise period is 20 years. If the franchisee wishes to renew and has satisfied the contractual conditions for renewal, then the franchise has to sign the then-current Janitorial Franchise Agreement, which may have materially different terms and conditions from the arrangement that governed the initial duration.

Overall does not require the franchisee supervise the company, but strongly advise that the franchisee directly participates in its direction, oversight, and performance. The operating manager/supervisor, if any, isn’t required to have an equity interest in the company, but should satisfactorily complete the training program. The franchisee can offer and leave janitorial services to commercial clients only inside the field(s) where the Coverall Service Center, through which the franchise has bought the franchise, conducts company. The franchisee should provide all products and services Coverall prescribes. In keeping with Coverall standards, the franchise might not offer unauthorized services or products.

Opportunity Cost

Liquid Capital Required:
$4,000 – $22,256
Total Investment:
$16,508 – $51,465

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