Firehouse Subs Franchise Cost, Fee and Review

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Firehouse Subs Franchise – Born to an entrepreneurial household with years of fire and police support, the Sorensen brothers were destined to become both firefighters and the founders of Firehouse Subs. Now, almost 20 years after launching their first restaurant, the brand has risen to more than 730 restaurants in 39 states and one U.S. land, with much more ambitious expansion in the functions. Adding second-to-none sub sandwiches plus a dedication to the communities they serve, Firehouse Subs is a daily affirmation which serving fantastic food and doing great belong together.

Approaching 1,000 locations, Firehouse Subs’ expansion is carefully calculated to maximize potential, profitability, investment, and needless to say, franchisees’ success. Their plans show Firehouse Subs reaching 2,000 places by 2020.

Firehouse Subs Franchise

It featured given firefighter gear and memorabilia, along with other components reminiscent of a fire department. Each restaurant features a custom mural, hand-drawn and painted in the organization’s headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. The murals reflect fire and police service unique to each restaurant’s community or community. Not one of the more than 1,000 murals painted is the exact same.

Based on information from the Franchise Disclosure Document of Firehouse Subs

  1. Deposit: $2,500
  2. Balance of Initial Franchise Fee : $17,500
  3. Mural: $2,800 to $4,000
  4. Training and Living Expenses During Training: $300 to $13,350
  5. Opening Advertising: $5,000 to $10,000
  6. Real Property: $500 to $75,000
  7. Equipment and Fixtures: $55,437 to $130,940
  8. Signs: $3,200 to $19,500
  9. Leasehold Improvements: $40,095 to $391,000
  10. Rental of Site (3 Months): $7,600 to $57,135
  11. Opening Inventory: $5,312 to $25,556
  12. Deposits and Prepaid Expenses: $0 to $69,400
  13. Business Licenses: $20 to $15,235
  14. Insurance: $2,000 to $10,800
  15. Misc. Expenses (3 Months): $2,000 to $100,000
  16. Additional Funds (Working Capital – 3 Months): $25,500
  17. MIS System Fee: $100 to $1,200
  18. Accounting System Fee: $0 to $21,437

TOTAL Investment Franchise Program (Without Real Estate Purchase Cost): $169,414 to $989,553


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