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Human Resources Associates Degree – People interested in pursuing an associate degree in human resources can earn an Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science in Human Resources Management. Continue reading for more about the program and the career outlook for the area.

Human Resources Associates DegreeA human resources associate degree program trains students to get entry-level direction and specialist opportunities in labour relations, compensation and worker training. Students take classes in management, psychology, personnel evaluation and interviewing techniques. Human resources undergraduates know about hiring and dismissal tactics, employee and employer relations, labor laws, overtime payment and worker benefits. Students also learn to communicate and manage effectively in a group atmosphere. Some programs offer students the chance to take part in an internship.

A high school diploma or GED is required for entry to the program and potential students might need to complete a college capacity placement evaluation.

A human resources associate degree program unites personnel topics, writing classes and basic business concepts. Topics of research include:

  • Psychology
  • Human assets regulations
  • Personnel recruiting and training
  • Methods for interviewing
  • Managing reimbursement and benefits

General management principles

Employment Outlook As stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of human resources specialists from 2014-2024 was expected to rise by 5%. The average yearly salary for human resources supporters in May 2015 was39,180. Earning potential gains significantly for human resources professionals with continued education and experience. Human resources opportunities are available in both private and public sectors.

Graduates of an associate degree program may find jobs as:

  • Human resources assistants
  • Recruitment pros
  • Employee coaches
  • Personnel documents coordinators
  • Benefits¬†¬†specialists

Professional Certification and Continuing Education Information
Individuals seeking to advance their careers in human resources might decide to pursue bachelor’s degrees within the field. Others may choose to obtain industry recognition by making professional human resources certification. Organizations such as the Society for Human Resources Management and the American Society for Training and Development Certification Institute provide professional designations to those who meet experience requirements and pass an assessment.

A human resources associate’s degree prepares you for entry-level job in the field of human assets, giving a good groundwork in areas of employee relations and direction where students can then build upon to further their careers. Bachelor’s degrees or certificates in the field may improve employment opportunities.

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