Most Profitable Franchises

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Most Profitable Franchises – Purchasing into the most lucrative franchises may be more expensive than your normal franchise, but the payoff iswell worth it. Emerging entrepreneurs that are shopping around for franchise opportunities are most likely trying to find the ideal balance of functioning in an intriguing area, very low cost costs, and high profit. We’ve put together a list of some of the most profitable franchises.

So if you plan on investing in a franchise opportunity, we highly recommend that you review these businesses that have opted to franchise outside their successful business models.

Most Profitable Franchises

Seeing Angels: Senior Care
Visiting Angels provides assistance to senior citizens who’d rather live in their houses than managed facilities, but who nevertheless need help with certain daily tasks. Seeing angels has a moderate startup cost of around $65K, but the franchise company has a fantastic reputation for producing jobs in any particular location, and the newest is seniors. Individual Visiting Angels operations are extremely lucrative businesses, reporting gross earnings upwards of $1 million yearly.

H&R Block Tax Preparation
Tax planning is a really profitable business with no lack of customers. With an initial investment of roughly $10K, H&R Block franchise owners report gross earning of around $80K annually. H&R Block is associated by most people as the go-to business to get tax planning and other accounting matters. There are few competing businesses in tax preparation, and even fewer with reputations as strong as H&R Block. For these reasons, H&R Block is considered by many to be one of the most lucrative franchises to purchase.

Weed Man: Yard Care
The Weed Man franchise has been ranked leading to yard maintenance franchises in the United States. While the initial expense could be steep (north of $100K), franchise owners report average gross revenues of more then half a million dollars, using the top earners approximately $1.5 million in sales every year. Weed Man is considered one of the most lucrative lawn maintenance franchises in life, with a fresh name that’s equated with the maximum quality support around.

Cruise Planners
As the name implies, Cruise Planners helps individuals get fantastic deals on luxury cruise holidays. Cruise Planners is regarded as a very profitable franchise business because, although franchise owners are able to set their own hours and operate out of their own houses, the cruise industry grosses over $75 billion annually, and even “part time” vacation planners see huge profits, even at the first year. Investing in Cruise Planners comes in a cost just shy of $10K, with franchise owners earning many times that within the first brand new months.

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