Papa Murphy’s Franchise

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Papa Murphy’s Franchise – Papa Murphy’s International LLC is your franchisor. Papa Murphy’s Franchised Stores feature prepared take-and-bake pizza, refreshing calzones, lasagnas and relevant products, and accepted menu may be enlarged to include additional food items. Papa Murphy’s customers are the general public, and Papa Murphy’s products are likely to be sold primarily to persons seeking a new meal which can be served in the home. The pizzas and pasta are prepared fresh each day entirely within the Franchised Stores and sold raw for customer preparation at home.

Papa Murphy’s Franchise

Franchisees operate a Papa Murphy’s retail food outlet currently including take and bake pizza, refreshing calzones, pasta, desserts, desserts and other relevant products.

Except as described below, neither the franchisor nor any affiliate supply direct or indirect financing. The franchisor does not currently guarantee any notes or fiscal obligations franchisees can incur in setting up and operating their own franchise. The franchisor can utilize its creditworthiness with vendors to leverage better payment terms with those sellers for franchisees.

The In-Store Experience, Operations Training, and Foundations Class are included in the Franchise Fee for up to two people that have signed the franchise agreement. The In-Store Expertise and Operations Training are held at designated Papa Murphy’s training shops. Franchisees must successfully complete the mandatory Operations Training in a specified Papa Murphy’s training shop. Franchisees should successfully complete the mandatory Foundations Class at the Conservancy’s service center in Vancouver, Washington. The franchisor will occasionally offer refresher training programs, seminars or regional meetings. The franchisor will require that franchisees or their supervisors attend and complete them to its own satisfaction. The franchisor may also hold a conference or regional meetings periodically for the franchisees that make up its franchise system.

Franchisees will be given a specific location within which they will function the franchised shop. Franchisees will not be allowed an exclusive territory.

The length of the initial franchise duration is 10 decades. If franchisees wish to do so, and they satisfy the required pre-conditions to renewal, the franchisor will offer franchisees the right to obtain an extra 5-year term.

Franchisees their approved operations staff, must personally oversee and handle the actual daily operation of the Franchised shop, except since the franchisor will agree in writing for a good cause. Managers used to help to run the franchised store must successfully complete the required training program. Franchisees may sell, serve or distribute just those Papa Murphy’s goods, services, and other items in the Franchised Store, which have been approved. Franchisees must offer all Papa Murphy’s goods, services, and other items which have been designated as required by the franchisor for the franchisees. Franchisees must create all menu items in strict compliance with the franchisor’s specifications, recipes, and requirements.

The Financial Basics

  1. Initial investment ranges from $274,620 to $499,246
  2. Minimum liquid assets of $80,000
  3. Minimum net worth of $275,000

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