Shake Shack Franchise

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The very first Shake Shack opened in 2004 in New York City’s Madison Square Park, and turned into an instant neighborhood fixture. Shake Shack’s mission is to preserve, and add our spin on the culinary traditions of classic burger stands. Utilizing the lightest high quality ingredients, each of the food in Shake Shack is made to order (from hamburgers to shakes to everything in between).

Shake Shack Franchise

In 2000, New York City began the rebuilding of Madison Square Park, which had slipped into a state of disrepair and misuse. As part of the redevelopment, restaurateur Danny Meyer helped spearhead the creation of their Madison Square Park Conservancy to assist redevelop it. Among the primary things the Conservancy did in its goal to improve the park was supposed to host an art exhibit called “I <3 Taxi” within this park to raise consciousness of the renewal attempt. Meyer’s Manager of operations, Randy Garutti, established that a hot dog cart which was run from this kitchen of Eleven Madison, one of Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) operations. As time passes the cart became incredibly successful, and remained in operation for almost 3 decades.

In 2004, the city began taking bids to operate a new kiosk-style restaurant inside the park; Meyer summarized his idea for the distance, also opened the initial Shake Shack in July 2004. From its beginning the restaurant was not designed to be a chain; it was meant to be a single shop location designed specifically for New York City. However, as the first place’s sales continued to rise, the group realized there was a market for growth.

Since its opening, Shake Shack has grown to be the most significant aspect of the USHG’s portfolio. Its average shop revenue of US$4 million is more than double that of McDonald’s average store revenue within the United States. Its popularity is such that at the summer at its original place, the wait in line for support may stretch to over an hour, especially on weekends when the weather is agreeable. A webcam to the restaurant’s web page shows the current line in real time.

In April 2017 the place finished a high-value renovation which included 586 square feet of space, bringing its seating capacity to 106.

The Upper East Side area’s opening was significant because it “lifted” East 86th Street, an urban shopping district which had fallen on hard times; the place had been unoccupied, and even when occupied it had been explained by a neighbor as “not anything great there. . .dingy and dilapidated. .

Back in July 2011 it was declared that Shake Shack had reached a deal with the MTA to start a place in the lower level of Grand Central Terminal. This project was postponed since the tenant occupying the distance Shake Shack was going to take more than Mexican eatery Zócalo, refused to vacate following the expiration of the lease and filed suit, arguing the “bidding procedure (for retail space from Grand Central) is tainted. “The lawsuit had been dismissed and Zócalo appealed. In October 2012 Zócalo filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In early May 2013, Zócalo vacated the space, and the brand new socket opened for business on October 5, 2013.

Shake Shack opened its first airport location at May 2013 in JFK’s newly expanded Terminal 4.

From August 2014, Shake Shack sockets had started operating in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington, DC, Florida, Georgia, Chicago, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Texas. That month, reports surfaced that the company was preparing to go public with an IPO and has been talking an underwriting using a number of investment banks, such as J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

In April 2015, stocks hit prices of $72, and hit a high of approximately $90 in May 2015. In its IPO filing, the business said that it intended to expand its domestic footprint to 450 company-operated shops. While no end date was granted for that expansion, the business indicated its intention to open at least 10 restaurants every financial year, even though it later amended that target to 12 a year and then again after in 2016 to 14 stores per calendar year, a target that would result in a total of 450 shops in roughly 25 decades. Afterwards that May, Shake Shack filed for a trademark for the word “chicken shack” leading to speculation that the company would function chicken sandwiches. The company temporarily introduced poultry sandwiches to its Brooklyn on July 7, 2015. In January 2016, Shake Shack introduced poultry sandwiches across locations in the United States, having previously begun serving them at all Brooklyn Shake Shack places.

On August 31, 2016, Shake Shack announced it would start room service in the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, the first hotel in America to provide in-room Shake Shack.

In November 2016 the first Houston, Texas, place opened within the Galleria; by March 2017 another opened inside Minute Maid Park in Downtown Houston. In February 2017, the first Michigan place was opened in downtown Detroit. A second Michigan location in Troy started October 25, 2017. On May 10, 2017, Shake Shack opened their first Kentucky location, located at The Summit in Fritz Farm in Lexington. That June, the company announced a place would start in Charlotte, North Carolina, in late 2017, becoming the first Shake Shack from the Carolinas.

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