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Digital Marketing Strategy

What Is Digital Marketing Strategy – Without a digital approach, how do you understand your advertising is in the ideal place, attractive to the right audience and being shown at the optimal moment? A plan reduces the time spent playing the guessing game and more time getting ahead of the competition. As a company, you’ll be prepared and informed of the place to adapt when things change along with the tactics to apply to future advertising campaigns. Planning is a skill that no marketer can choose to ignore

The English dictionary refers to a strategy as ‘a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall goal.’ As soon as you’ve defined what you want to achieve with your electronic marketing, your strategy sets out the way you’re going to arrive. It’s your plan for attaining your business and marketing objectives and goals.

Strategy & tactics

There’s a misunderstanding over the marketing industry on the difference between tactics and strategy. Plan at times is utilized more as a buzz phrase, the latest cool thing to spell out your latest marketing action.

  • Strategy is the what, why and where.
  • Tactics are the how you are going to achieve the strategy.

It’s often thought that’s you have defined the tactics then you do not need a plan and vice versa, but that is not true. Both must work hand in hand and are both needed to achieve success. However, the order in which you use them equally is key to get appropriate.

The strategy should always arrive before strategies. Should you create tactics first, you might be in the wrong place to interact with your intended audience. The same holds for strategy. There is a famous quote from Sun Tzu, The Art of War book: ‘Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory’ which sums up that strategy can only work if you have strategies to execute the plan.

The key differentiating factor is your company’s goals and objectives to how a marketing strategy should take. This is exactly what makes your strategy unique to your enterprise.

Typically, a marketing strategy should include the following:

  • About your company,
  • Your current situation for your business and marketing efforts,
  • Previous performance,
  • Your objectives,
  • Your goals,
  • Your target audience,
  • Your competitors,
  • Your marketing plan,
  • Marketing,
  • KPIs,
  • Requirements to fulfil the strategy,
  • Timeframe,
  • Review stages and check in points on the performance success of your strategy, tactics and overall plan.

Should you include everything without research, analysis, insights, expertise, and experts it will not work. It is important to remember because it could be tempting to contain everything, everyone else is correct.Your competition may have a successful marketing strategy but that doesn’t mean it could be successful for your own brand. Why? Because each brand, business and customer base differs.

One thing to keep in mind is the evolution of a plan. With the changing digital landscape this is vital because although you’ll have your strategy, there has to be the ability to be agile to react to changes in the current market, new technology etc.. The plan is there as your guide, in case of something in your business or your company changes then it is important to take that your plan and plan will require evolve and change in real time. If this isn’t possible it’ll be difficult for your business to adapt.

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